When the slitting knife is used for a period of time, the slitting knife needs to be repaired in time so that the slitting knife can recovery sharply, practically and efficiently, and the specific grinding method has the following 5 points.

  1. Firstly we need to grind the flat surface of the knife, to ensure bright without blunt mouth, and then grind side, attention should be paid to parallelism.
  2. If it is found that the grind flat surfaceof the knife has been tilted , the grinding pressure can be adjusted and the pressure should be increased properlyon the slightly thicker side
  3. You should be pay more attention onchecking the accuracy of the grinding plate and calibrating the flat of grinding plate
  4. In the grinding process, if the workpiece temperaturealmost approach to more than 40-50degree Celsius, be suspended for a period of time until the cooling continues, because the heating will affect the knife accuracy. After regrinding,the slitting knife will maintain its basic performance and cut the workpiece more vigorous and guarantee the smooth process of cutting.
  5. Finally, after grinding, the slittingknifeneeds to be coated with a layer of rust proof liquid to avoid rusting.

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