The high-tech steels and alloys that we use in the manufacture of Sparkblades are designed to be resharpened over and over again. However, it takes experienced craftspeople to do the job right. At Sparkblades, we have more than 50 sets of grinding processing equipment,including external grinder and inner grinder and surface grinder,we use these equipment not only to manufacture new blades,but also to supply the after service for regrinding and resharpen.Be kind to the environment and your budget. Let us regrind and resharpen:

Cut-to-Length Knives grinding

Cut-to-Length Knives Grinding

Circular sharping

circular sharping

Rotary surface grinding.

rotary surface grinding

List of regrinding and resharping

  • Cut-to-Length Sheeter Knives
  • Male Shear Slitter Blades: Dished and Straight
  • Converting Knives
  • Fly Knives
  • Roll Slitter Rings
  • Shear Blades
  • Female Bottom Slitter Bands: Motor Mounted Bands, Shaft Mounted Bands
  • Split-Bottom Slitter Bands
  • Side Trimmers
  • Scrap Choppers
  • Plate Shears