Sparkblades manufactures and supplies literally thousands of both standard and custom size precision circular knives and circular rotary blades for all kinds of use from slitting, cutting and perforating to rewinding. Whether you need a top and bottom or dished circular blade or a circular knife with toothed, serrated, scalloped, perforation and saw tooth forms, or even more complex tooth forms,Sparkblades can turn your design into a blade in just days. It doesn’t matter if it’s paper cutting, food slicing, packaging, rubber converting, meat chopping, film cutting or foil converting, regardless of its use, our circular knives and blades are exceptionally made from quality ground hardened tool steels and stainless steel as well as carbide.

The main advantages of blades:

(1) High hardness and wear resistance, meanwhile use hard material coating in line with application requirements and the coating can reduce friction to reach excellent cutting ability and low wear characteristics.

(2) Sufficient strength and toughness to bear greater cutting force, and impact load and vibration.

(3) Good heat resistance brings good processability, such as processing performance, forging performance, high-temperature plastic deformation and grinding performance.

(4) Regarding to high precision requirements, we now can ensure the thickness tolerances up to ±0.0005. Therefore, for inner circle, disk blades tolerance can be achieved to H3. All inspections of high precision products are made in the constant temperature room.

(5) With the increasing requirements on the precision of metal sheet processing, we have developed ultra-high precision cutting tools, only the precision milling tools can match with its accuracy so far. ±0.001mm thickness to Ra0.1u surface roughness are our common standards. By using our technique and expertise, we can meet customers’ higher requirements in regarding to thickness, parallelism, flatness and so on.