SPARKPARTS Carbide Knives, has been known in manufacturing of carbide knives and blades for more than 10 years. are the best quality you can find at an competitive price.With our high experience level we provide a full range of carbide knives and blades for many industries and companies in the a perfect and friendly performance for your industrial workers

Every carbide knives are in the under processing,Original Tungsten Carbide Powder,Wet Grinding(Use automatic wet milling machine make tungsten carbide power grain size have the best mixture state),Pressing(the product’s performance will improve 30 %.),Sintering(Adopted the lastest international 5 the generation high vacuum sintering pressurized furnace promote quality assurance),Wire-electrodel Cutting(High precision process location hole make products 100% fits machine.),and Grinding(Grinding outer hole – chamfering -grinding surface(mirror polishing)-chamfering – process knife edge.)