Steel-Spacer-Shim-for-coil slitting
Slitter Aluminum Separator Tooling

steel spacers of coil slitting line tools

  1. made from low alloyed tool steel(GCr15,65Mn,1.2607 etc) or stainless steel
  2. thickness tolerance reach to +-0.002mm
  3. flatness tolerance reach to +-0.002mm
  4. parallelism tolerance reach to +-0.002mm


Sparkblades offers spacers made of low alloyed tool steel or stainless steel, the spacers are used together with the stripper rings for the exact positioning of the rotary slitter knives on the slitter arbor and for precisely adjusting the knife clearance.

The machining accuracy of the spacer, that is, the geometric tolerance is also very important.Poor geometric tolerances will affect the clearance between the sitter blades and cannot guarantee the cuting quality of the coil. Depending on the material and thickness of the coil,different geometric tolerances need to be chosen.Generally,cutting thin non-ferrous metal coils requires the parallelism and flatness of the spacer to reach 0.002 mm or even 0.001 mm, and the thickness tolerance is +/- 0.001 mm, or even+/-0.0005 mm.But for cutting thicker steel, there is no need to require too high geometric tolerances.

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