top slitter knife
slitter knivesIMG_9327

rotary side trimmer knives in steel plate edge trimming line

Product Description

  •  Thickness up to 80mm,tolerances of up to +/- 0,005mm .Flatness within +/- 0,005mm
  •  Parallelism tolerances within 0.003mm (0.00012 inch)
  •  Outer diameter of up to 1300mm.
  •  Used for Steel coil slitting line , combine with other slitting line tools ,like steel spacers ,rubber bonded rings ,separator discs,separator spacers and etc
  •  Made from H13 , H13K , etc with 52-62HRC
  • Mainly used with FLYING SHEAR KNIFE for cutting hot milling coil,cold milling coil ajust the width of steel sheet.with fixing 4pcs of knives which are equipped by 2pcs on each side respectively and they are used for cutting the ends of both:able to cut 0.2-11.7mm sheet for cold milling and cut 1.0-12.7mm sheet for hot milling.
  • Max OD up to 1300mm,thickness up to 80mm
  • Cutting edge no burr,smooth side trimming,no blade collapse


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